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Become fanatical about the customer


Network-First is the belief that upcoming technology waves will benefit greatly from a new kind of network, one which distributes resources freely, has disruptive business models and offers amazing new services for all.

At BI our mission is to enable YOU to create this wave! Our guiding principle is identifying the right idea and matching it with a superior commercialization strategy. Business Innovation has created a methodology to lead to growth for Ericsson, as well as our customers and partners. 

This is not some whiteboard exercise. It is already in action with initiatives like the Unified Delivery Network (UDN), Emodo, Network AI, Assured+, and more. Everything we do is driven by a belief that in order to succeed we need to be fanatical about the customer. If your idea solves a customer problem, saves time and money, or creates a market opportunity for Ericsson, we want to know about it. And if it has potential, we’ll incubate it.



Meet BI’s latest Innovator

Oliver’s idea is now being incubated. Yours could be next!

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Meet our team

We match the right, bright ideas with the right, amazing people.


Diomedes Kastanis

Head of Technology and Innovation
Leads Ericsson’s long term technology and innovation vision.

Eric Qian

Head of Strategic Focus Areas
Created Assured+

Rahim Penangwala

Founded WyzeBuy Inc. Technology and Business Coach.

Mark Weinberg

Software Architect
Former Partner Development Manager in Microsoft X-Box Group.

Serdar Sahin

Awarded Principal Architect Certification. Technology and Business Coach.

Attila Takacs

Head of Ericsson Garage. Advisor and Mentor at SkyDeck.

Kasi Narayanaswamy

MBA Marketing and Entrepreneurship
MSc Computer Science


Salman Taj

Head of Incubation
Brings 17 years of industry expertise and technological vision.

Sara Holman

B.S. Business Management. Innovation Manager.

Albert Kim

Ph.D. Applied Physics. Heads Ericsson Ventures.

Goetz Kursawe

COO for Ericsson Business Innovation since 2015.

Ruku Balakrishnan

Master of Computer Science/MBA. Technology and Business Coach.

Kasi Narayanaswamy

Business Coach.

Manoj Prasanna Kumar

Works in Ericsson’s Business Innovation group as a Principal Data Scientist.