Ericsson Business Innovation

Innovate at the Edge, and Beyond

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We want to Lead, Transform, and Grow at the Edge.


Whether connecting people in new ways, building technologies that make life richer or creating equality so that experiences we take for granted are more rapidly deployed in emerging markets - we innovate for an ubiquitous experience. Put simply, to make a difference.



Innovation =
Invention X Commercialization

The fact is, most large companies struggle to commercialize great ideas, regardless of how excellent they are. There’s either too much process, or not enough. Striking the right balance is key to BI because great ideas alone aren’t enough to create viable businesses. By utilizing partnerships from our network of customers, incubators, startups, and universities, we’ll learn early on how to recognize viable and attractive ideas, regardless of size.


Our approach

BI is organized around three areas:


External ventures


Primarily focused on investing in external companies, mostly startups that Ericsson believes could be strategic partners for growth.

Internal idea incubator


Gathers a larger volume of ideas from within Ericsson, validates those ideas, and throws some fuel on the most promising ones.

Scaling and execution


When the team identifies ideas with strong market potential or impact, this arm works to commercialize and scale those ideas.

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